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Having an allotment can be a wonderful experience – growing your own food, making new friends and getting lots of exercise in the fresh air - and the more effort you put in, the more you'll be rewarded. The Woodseats Allotment Society works on behalf of the allotment tenants to make this experience even richer and more rewarding.

It may be difficult to get an allotment immediately, but don't worry. The waiting list for the Woodseats site is currently 16 (04/12/16), you can take the time to learn all about growing fruit and vegetables while you wait. In reality the waiting list is less than 12 as some of these are waiting for specific plots to become available.

There are 139 plots on the Woodseats site which has been in use since the Council acquired the land in 1911.

Membership of the Society costs £4 per year, which entitles you to use the Societies shop and the National Allotment Federations discounted seed service. It aims to foster a spirit of help and co-operation, encourage new allotment gardeners, whilst working to maintain existing allotments in good order and to organise social and competitive events from time to time. You can join as an allotment or home gardener member.

The Society promotes the interests of all its members in allotment gardening, including co-operating with external bodies in matters of mutual interest. Particularly close ties are maintained locally with Sheffield City Council and locally/nationally with the Allotment Federation.

Link to the Sheffield Council allotment handbook >>>> Sheffield Allotment Handbook--PDF--2-64MB-.pdf

Two useful WEB sites for allotment information.

Link to National Allotment Society web site >>>> http://www.nsalg.org.uk/

Link to All About Allotments web site >>>> http://www.allaboutallotments.co.uk/

Page last updated  4th December 2016.

Recent Society Developments
  • Alan & Ken

    Have you met the new tenants? They are just inside the Camping Lane entrance. They were installed on the 12th May 2016 and are constructed using plant pots re-cycled from the late Ken Allen's plot. So instead of calling then Bill and Ben they have been christened Alan and Ken.... See the Recent Developments section for more information Loaded 30th May 2016.

  • Equipment to Loan

    The Allotment Society now has a selection of equipment that can be loaned by members. See the Equipment to Loan section for further details.  Loaded 30th May 2016.

  • Lawn behind Society Hut

    Preparing for Open Day [Saturday 25th June 2016] - instant grass behind the Society shed on Friday 27th May. Fingers crossed for a nice day so people can take afternoon tea up there!!! Loaded 30th May 2016.

  • Photograph WINS

    A photograph taken at Woodseats Allotments wins the Skipton Building Society's national photographic competition. Go to the Photograph Wins section for further details. Loaded 3rd June 2016

  • New community orchard

    Work continues on the new Community Orchard. 3 access gates and the fairy trail will be installed in the next month. The official opening of the site will take place on Sunday 10th July at 14:30 when a plaque will be unveiled by the Manager of the Sheffield branch of Skipton Building Society (Alison Edgeler). Loaded 30th May 2016.

  • Hut Electricity

    After 104 years we are pleased to announce a mains supply to the Allotment Society hut. The final act of this long projected project was the meter installation on Friday 5th June. We are able to make hot drinks and wash up in HOT water. We also have light on dull Sundays. Loaded 24th July 2015.

  • Community Grant for Society Hut

    Over the winter months of 2015 a water supply has been installed into the society hut and a new high security front door has been fitted. All thanks to a community Ward pot grant. When the electricity supply is installed we will have hot water! Loaded 24th April 2015.

  • Community Orchard Created

    In the spring of 2014 we planted 19 fruit trees on the allotment approach from Camping Lane. Go to the Community Orchard section to read about this exciting new project. Loaded 12th July 2014.

  • 1986 Entrance Gates Renovated

    Over the winter of 2014 the two entrance gates, which were made in 1986 and had been neglected for some time, have been red oxide primed and painted blue. Go to the Recent Developments section for more details. B&Q Queens Road, Sheffield, donated the blue paint. Loaded 4th July 2014.

The Woodseats site
Would you like to be featured as the "plot of the month". We would like to feature a plot every month during the summer months (June/July/August/September). Just send in some photographs of your plot and some words about yourself and your experiences of allotmenting.

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